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Strength by StareyedInLA
Happy Belated Birthday, :iconstoryrpart:!  I hope you like this Ryan-themed tarot card.
Teen Witch by StareyedInLA
Teen Witch
Done during a couple of breaks at work and has been sitting in my sketchbook since last Tuesday.  

In a fantasy universe, Mona comes from a family of witches and is trying to figure out what branch of magic best suits her.  Her familiar is her calico cat Bethesda.
Ex Machina by StareyedInLA
Ex Machina
A.D.A is a sentient android created by eccentric inventor Mackenzie Linus in an attempt to replace his deceased daughter.  She keeps to herself and assists her "father" on his projects, but soon learns that having artificial consciousness is a total bitch to deal with when she ends up falling for Dr. Linus' human assistant, Herman. 

On a side note, drawing androids turned out to be pretty fun.  I should do this more often

“Still nothing?”

“Still nothing,” Ada confirmed. She opened her eyes and looked up to see Herman sitting beside her in on one of the sofas in the nearly-deserted student union, his head cocked to one side. Carefully, she took off the headset and twisted it in her hands before holding it out to him. “You wanna try?”

Herman eyed the battered, second-hand headset his crush had spent weeks restoring and shook his head, his long red hair covering his eyes. “Uh... I'd rather not,” he replied, scooting out of the way as if the headset was a cursed object that would jinx him for life if he touched it. “Even if it is up and running again, I would never go anywhere near one of those headsets. I've read the articles and that Hellfire...”

Ada tuned out his rant as she weighed the headset in her hands. Ever since it was developed and released to the public, she had wanted to try Ingress and see what the big deal was surrounding it. Everyone from the mechanical engineering department and the students in her T.A group to her friends and neighbors were raving about it.

This is the future of alternate reality,” they said.

“I mean... what do they expect to fix in London?” Herman ranted, loud enough that the few students still hanging out in the hall were now staring at him.

It's so awesome,” they said.

“You can't just fix something like that with a vacation!”

You wouldn't believe the worlds I've been to,” they said.

“You hear about Graciela? Dante's sister?”

You won't believe the people I've met,” they said.

“She has to see a therapist after what she went through!”

“Dude, will you keep it down,” shouted one of the students seated at a nearby table.

Herman rolled his eyes before dropping his voice to a low whisper and continuing.

It wasn't like I was going to use Ingress for fun, Ada thought. It was just for research purposes. Something to help me with my thesis. And there was no way you would have known about what was happening in the weeks leading up to it.

Sure, I missed out on experiencing what it has to offer. But considering the alternative...

“Maybe it was for the best that I got it working following the incident,” she whispered, setting the headset down on the coffee table in front of her.

Herman paused mid-sentence and glanced over to his right. Ada was perched on the edge of the couch cushions, still staring at the headset.

“So much for my thesis,” she continued. There was no way she was going to make it to London. Not when the fall semester was due to begin during that same time. There were T.A classes to prepare for and meetings with her adviser and professors. And considering how she wasn't directly affected by the event, she felt that it wasn't right to travel to the Ingress Inc's headquarters.


He inched closer to her, leaning over and trying to get her attention.

“You alright?”

“Yeah,” she mumbled before shaking her head, snapping out of her trance. She reached for the book-bag laying by her feet and stashed the headset inside before standing up.

“I'm going to the library,” she announced. “I think I'm going to need a new topic to write about.”

[C0NSTANTS] W0- Out of the Loop
For :iconc0nstants:'s World 0 Event 14

Having missed the events of Hellfire, Ada decided not to go to London and instead remain in Las Vegas and figure out what to do in a life without Ingress. 

Total pips: 580 words/116 pips

I am so very confused right now.

It all started... I don't even know how long ago it started.  There is no way of telling time here.  The sky outside is a clear red, like something out of a nightmare, and there is no sun or moon to illuminate the world below.  The only light source I can make out are the neon signs from the pitch black buildings outside that bathe my room in a spectrum of bright blues, greens, and oranges.  

All I can remember is of waking up, alone, in a sterile white room with no idea of how I got here.  My fingers ached for a moment before the pain suddenly ebbed away.  My head too was buzzing before that also died down.  Cripes, no matter how hard I try, I can't even recall going to sleep.  The only memory I have is of darkness, as if I didn't exist  before now.  

Upon further inspection, I realized that my clothes were charred and smelled vaguely smokey.  The soles of my sneakers were warped, making them difficult to walk in.  

What did I do to myself?  Or rather, what happened to me?  Was I in some kind of accident?  

Forget confused.  I'm really scared just thinking about all of this.    

Other than the cot and my clothes, the only other thing I had on me was a pristine key card tucked into the pocket of my shirt.  A key card!  And nothing else!  Nothing like a note of where I am or why.

Looking out of the window, I could see the inhabitants of this strange world milling about on the streets below.  They looked human, I suppose, and were dressed in clothes as colorful as the neon lights that graced the buildings they were coming to and from.  I swear to any higher power, even their clothes light up!  

I recoiled at the sight.  I don't know why, but it just really freaked me out.  How can anyone wear something like that?  It... it just doesn't... it just doesn't seem safe.  

The city looks and feels so familiar, but it can't be.  How can I know about this place if I am seeing it for what I think is the first time?  Did I know a place similar to this in another time?  Maybe.  The neon lights certainly feel familiar.  But everything else just feels so wrong.  

I really don't want to venture out into the city.  I just don't. Everything feels so alien here.  And here I am, sitting by the window in burned clothes and clutching the key card with no memory of how I got here.  Here is safe.

The inhabitants of this building are really friendly though.  They sometimes sit with me and talk about what goes on outside while we eat. They say this place is called 'Sanguine City' or 'Sang City' but that's all I know.   They got me new clothes to replaced the burned ones, and one of them even gave me this journal when I asked if I could have something to write on.  I've tried to get their names, but everyone seems to change their names so often, it's hard to keep track.  

I feel so stupid for forgetting their names.  

I feel worse for not even knowing my own.
[C0NSTANTS] Entry 1
For :iconc0nstants: World VII, Event 1

Day 1 in Sanguine City

Subject is not reacting to surroundings well. 

Total pips:  555 words/111 pips


United States
Me at my uni's zombie tag game earlier today.
Part of the game included having codenames, and I chose Potter because I love reading the Harry Potter books so much.

Current Residence: College in Norcal
Favourite genre of music: Rock, classical, big band
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: mother of pearl
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever floats my boat
Favourite cartoon character: Kenny McCormick
Personal Quote: A Plot Bunny is like Kenny from South Park. No matter how many times they die, they always return

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