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[HGOCT Extra Challenge] Golden Girl by StareyedInLA
[HGOCT Extra Challenge] Golden Girl
For the Capitolite/Tribute swap challenge at :iconthehungergamesoct:

In another universe where she is born in the Capitol, Mona is the heiress to the Travers department store fortune.  In addition to serving on the board of directors for her family's company, she has made a name for herself as a socialite and a model for several high end fashion houses.  During the Games, she is known for patronizing her favorite tributes, namely those from the lower districts, with lavish sponsor gifts as a means to give them a fighting chance in the Arena. 

Of course, despite her philanthropic activities, the media focuses more on her private life, namely her tumultuous relationship with her on again/off again best friend, the government official Tullia Sanchez and the rumors that the Golden Girl of the Capitol may  be in love with her. 
C0NSTANTS: World 7 App by StareyedInLA
C0NSTANTS: World 7 App

Name:  Ada Linus

Nicknames: Constantly switches between Mackenzie and Herman (upon waking up in Sanguine City, one of the first things she realized was that she had forgotten her own name. She isn't one hundred percent sure what either name means and believes she may never find out).

Gender: Female

Age:  22 at time of death

Death: Electrocution

Tarot Card: The Hermit

Height: 5'0”/1.52 meters

Weight: 90lb/40.8kg

Sexuality: Demiromantic Demisexual


She is more introspective, bookish, and out-of-the-loop in Sanguine City. She is one of those people who would stay home and read (in the name of research) instead of partying . While out and about, she is more likely to commit a social faux pas as she struggles to adapt to the city's culture. Easily confused and frightened of her strange new surroundings, she is more cautious and tends to stick to places close enough to her apartment that she can make it back a few hours before curfew is in place. She is frustrated and upset at herself for not remembering her past life and is determined to recover any memory from that time, even if it means shutting herself up in her apartment for days at a time with only her books as company.


She woke up in Sanguine City without any idea of how she got here. After learning about how some of her fellow denizens came here, she became obsessed with discovering her past and the circumstances that led up to her arrival here. But every time she meditates on the subject, she runs into a blank space. Sometimes she gets lucky and discovers a mere scrap of a clue such as someone's name, a place she used to visit, a new found fear of electricity, but it is never enough.

Despite her best efforts in completing her project while adjusting to life in Sanguine City, she feels lost all the time. Even in a city where anyone can have any history they so chose or to even forget it, she believes that knowing her own will help her move on.


-While she doesn't know the circumstances or the cause of her death, it should be noted that she was accidentally electrocuted while handing outdated lab equipment during a demonstration in her T.A class.

-She abhors electricity and makes a point not to wear anything that lights up. She also keeps candles in her room.

-She keeps track of the days since her arrival by writing tally marks in a journal.

-Is not great at keeping up with the latest trends and went with whatever caught her eye when finding some new clothes to wear.

-Yes, she calls her new home “Sanguine City” and won't budge on the subject no matter how many times people try to correct her on it.

-She got her tentacle tattoos after having a dream of someone with a similar tattoo.

-With its neon lights and moniker “Sin City”, Sanguine City remind her of a place she may have known in her previous life.

-Her apartment resembles a library. There are shelves and stacks of books everywhere. Her desk is a mess with its sheets of papers with notes scribbled on them, more open books, pens, and half-filled notebooks. Random notes and pictures are tacked to the walls, some with bits of string connecting one to another. In other words, her room is a massive fire hazard.

[HGOCT] Zugzwang by StareyedInLA
[HGOCT] Zugzwang
Gamemaker Ada is a tribute's worst nightmare. Among other traps, she specializes in the ones that limit their movement, play into their worst fears and weaknesses, force them to rely on their intellect instead of their physical prowess, and will them at a huge disadvantage should they make it out alive. The ones involving logic or which have to be completed within a certain time frame are her other favorites.  After all, there needs to be something happening between tribute fights. 
[HGOCT] Lizard King by StareyedInLA
[HGOCT] Lizard King

I really had to age down Dante because I wanted to draw him as a tribute.

In another universe, Dante is living in District 5 with his dad, stepmother, and four half-sisters. He is considered to be a bit of a weirdo by the other kids at school due to his reptile obsession and has been known to catch lizards and raise them as pets. He often thinks that he was born in the wrong district and would rather work with animals instead of training to be an researcher or a scientist or a doctor like his dad. When he's not working or in school, he spends most of his time alone, drawing or playing with his scaly friends.

Despite being a fan of the Muttations (the one good part of the Hunger Games, as far as he is concerned), Dante would prefer to admire them from afar knowing what they are capable of. Unfortunately, he doesn't get this option when he's Reaped into the Games at seventeen. With his two best strengths being art and befriending reptiles, his best strategy is to run and hide. And maybe try and see if he can lure the other tributes into a Mutt's lair.



United States
Me at my uni's zombie tag game earlier today.
Part of the game included having codenames, and I chose Potter because I love reading the Harry Potter books so much.

Current Residence: College in Norcal
Favourite genre of music: Rock, classical, big band
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: mother of pearl
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever floats my boat
Favourite cartoon character: Kenny McCormick
Personal Quote: A Plot Bunny is like Kenny from South Park. No matter how many times they die, they always return

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